APMP Nor'easters Spring Update

I have started this email several times over the last few weeks, but I couldn’t figure out what to say and I didn’t want to add another email to your already full inbox. Instead I decided to keep a bit of social distancing, until I had some Nor’easters news to share.

Below is an update on what the APMP and the APMP Nor’easters Chapter is currently working on.

Bid & Proposal Con 2020

First, as you are probably aware, BPC, which is being held in Nashville this year, has been postponed until Wednesday, September 30 through Saturday, October 2. What you don’t know is the Nor’easters has scholarships available to send three members to the 2020 Bid & Proposal Con.

The Nor’easters Chapter participated in the APMP “15 for 12” Chapter Growth promotion at the end of 2019. We came in third with a 4.83% membership growth. As part of our prize package, we were awarded two conference registrations for this year’s BPC. In addition the Board voted to send a third member. Eligibility requirements and other details will be posted on our website next week.

Webinars / Events / Trainings

The APMP has increased the number of webinars they are offering, and they are offering them for free for members and nonmembers. The Practitioner and/or the Capture Practitioner tests are currently on sale for $325 (1/2 the original price). I am working with the Lone Star Chapter to schedule a remote Practitioner training to help interested members prepare for the test. Once I have more details, I will share with the chapter.

Our next webinar will be held on Tuesday, April 21st at 1 PM EST. Kevin Switaj, President and Chief Executive Officer of BZ Opportunity Management, will be presenting How to Inject Creativity into Government Proposals. Use this link to register.

Our joint event with SMPS Northern New England on Thursday, April 30th at 2 PM EST will now be a webinar. Stefanie Marrone, will now be presenting on, Marketing in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis. This meeting will be held via GoToMeeting and registration will involve a two-step process. Please register here. You will need to login as a guest and provide your APMP member number. Once you register you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the webinar. We are still planning to have an in-person event with the SMPS Northern New England group in September.

2020 Nor’easters Expo

The Board decided to cancel this year’s Expo due to the uncertainty of the current travel restrictions and social distancing practices, also because BPC was moved to the fall. If people are interested, we will hold an in-person Foundation and/or Practitioner training and testing day in Portsmouth, NH this fall. We will send out a survey to see how many members are interested.

Finally, I hope this email finds you and your family in good health. For most of us we are starting week four of the new normal. And because who doesn’t need a cute dog photo during this uncertain time, I have decided to include a photo of my three new office mates. – They don’t have the best work ethic.

If you have any questions or events / webinars that you would like to see, feel free to drop me a line at: [email protected]

Stay healthy & safe,

Nicole A. Shaffer
Chapter Chair

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